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The Beast and the Super Blood Wolf Moon

January 20, 2019: Hynds Lodge Road in Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming

The Beast

Moon Shots: What We Learned from Photographing the 2019 Lunar Eclipse

Old Man Winter Watching Over Signs of Light

January 4, 2019: Hawk Springs State Recreation Area, Wyoming


Turbo Twins Catching the Geminids

December 14-15, 2018: Granite Springs Reservoir in Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming

Black Beauty and Black Betty

Orionids Over Orion

October 21, 2018: Tumbleweed Campground in Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming


Mean Machines Under a Cloudy Milky Way

September 30, 2018: Telluride, Colorado

Black Beauty and Bandit

Roadside Reflection on Star Trail Solitude

September 18, 2018: Sheep Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Full Moon Projection

August 25, 2018: Holiday Twin Drive-In in Fort Collins, Colorado

Bandit and Black Beauty

Perseid Meteor Shower Road Trip

August 12, 2018: Little Laramie Trailhead near Centennial, Wyoming

8 Cheyenne Show Cars

Darkness Falling Fast Over Devils Tower

August 18, 2018: Devils Tower, Wyoming

Black Beauty and Bandit

Tabula Rasa Twilight at the Holiday Twin Drive-In

July 21, 2018: Fort Collins, Colorado

Bandit and Black Beauty

Chillin' at the Home of the Tin Roof Sundae

June 30, 2018: Potter, Nebraska

1951 Chevrolet

Reflecting Earthshine Over the Majestic Plains

May 17, 2018: Rockport, Colorado

Santa Slayer

Heading Home at Sunrise After an Alleged Lunar Eclipse

January 31, 2018: Ames Monument, Wyoming

The Exploder

Stranded on US 85 at Sunset After the Great American Eclipse

August 21, 2017: Just Outside Torrington, Wyoming

Black Beauty and Bandit